On The Edge Of Chicago

Head to any big American city and one thing is for certain; you’ll probably see a humungous skyscraper offering you a chance go up and capture amazing views from. One tower though is trying to out do the rest in Chicago.

Jump For Joy In Africa

If you want to feel a rush of blood to the head as you fall, then feel your entire body whip up and down repeatedly before swinging aimlessly over a river in Africa, then we have the adrenaline fix you’ve been looking for.

Catch A Museum Bug In Japan

Ever wanted to see the world’s longest tapeworm? Situated in the rather calm neighbourhood of Meguro, the (deep breath) Meguro Parasitalogical Museum is the world’s premier location for looking at everything that literally gets under your skin.

Lucky Number 777 In Vegas

It may be located on Main Street Vegas, but on the far corner of the popular Fremont Street area, 777 Brewery really is a hidden gem. When you’re giving anyone directions you’ll have to give the same warning we got given ‘It really is in there’.

Home Of The Brown Stuff

If you’re ever in Dublin and looking around the sites you’ll probably get hungry. If you have a sweet tooth there’s quite a nice chocolate shop called Butler’s quite near Trinity College. If you like the taste of their stuff, why not ask to make some.

Ready Salted

There are some therapies we’ve heard of that can be a bit out there, but one in Sydney could be the weirdest we’ve ever heard about. It doesn’t involve taking a tip in some oil or walking about in a robe all day.