Tourist City At The Sports Grounds

I was thinking to myself the other week that – the UK has some of the best stadiums in the world which are also multi purpose. We have some of the biggest sports teams around who’s stadia is world class that also holds various events including music concerts, football, rugby and even Olympic sports.

Abandoned Scotland

Dog walking can be boring and every so often we try and find somewhere a bit different to take them. A few weeks ago we found somewhere well worth checking out if you like creepy abandoned buildings, Bangor Village Hospital.

A Dogs Life in Paris

It’s the city of love and style. With designer boutiques, exquisite food and more tourist attractions than you can shake a travel guide at. Here’s one you’ll never read about though: Le Cimetiére des Chiens.

Life & Death in Hollywood

Los Angeles is a vast city. On your first visit there you’ll be overwhelmed by the expanse and just how much the city (or group of cities) has to offer. Around almost every corner is something new to discover. Right in the middle of the city

Eat Like A Roman

Rome is a city famous for many things: stunning architecture, delicious gelato, amazing relics and an unbelievable history. It might sound rare then to say that you should maybe add ‘fun cooking lessons’ to the list.

Jump For Joy In Africa

If you want to feel a rush of blood to the head as you fall, then feel your entire body whip up and down repeatedly before swinging aimlessly over a river in Africa, then we have the adrenaline fix you’ve been looking for.

Ready Salted

There are some therapies we’ve heard of that can be a bit out there, but one in Sydney could be the weirdest we’ve ever heard about. It doesn’t involve taking a tip in some oil or walking about in a robe all day.