Lochly Cup Of Tea

loch lomond

Scotland is a country fill with too many hidden treasures to list. One of our favourites though is just outside of Glasgow. Half an hour away in Loch Lomond, a picturesque area that would make any postcard photographer a rich man.

Hidden off one of the loch’s many narrow lanes is the Wee Blether Tea Room. It’s the kind of place where a sense of humour is appreciated. One sign outside reads ‘If you find a tearoom more expensive we will match it’ while a quite simplistic weather guide ‘Stone dry – not raining’ gives an insight in to the kind of people working here.

loch lomond

With it being a tearoom, every day is an excuse to make some of the best cakes we’ve ever had. With generous portions and shortbread that melts in the mouth, this is definitely a place you need to jot down in your itinerary.

You really are in a wonderful location here with Glasgow and Edinburgh being a short trip away as well as the beautiful coastal county of Ayrshire which is blessed with incredible natural beauty and a great many wonderful independent shops including Dead End St who specialise in British Subcultures clothing including Mods, Soulboys, Skinheads and Casuals.

If you visit Loch Lomond you will not only have nature on your doorstep but you will be able to enjoy everything that Scotland has to offer.