Catch A Museum Bug In Japan

parasite japan

Ever wanted to see the world’s longest tapeworm? Situated in the rather calm neighbourhood of Meguro, the (deep breath) Meguro Parasitalogical Museum is the world’s premier location for looking at everything that literally gets under your skin.

You might think it’s a regular museum when you go in with a large interactive map showing all the locations Japanese parasites come from but a quick jaunt upstairs opens your eyes to a world that make goosebumps stand on end. If you’ve never seen what a man’s testicles look like after a tropical bug has supplanted itself then this is your chance.

asian parasites

The collection of parasites on display from around the world is in the thousands. It’s a skewered view of the world through its worst inhabitants. And if you’re wondering just how a near 9m tapeworm could fit inside someone, the museum is lovely enough to have a rope of the same length beside it you can play with.

We reckon the best time to head it is before lunch. Head after lunch and you’ll probably not keep a full stomach for long.