Europe’s Hidden Film Gems

third man stand

It might seem weird that we’d recommend for you to take a trip to a museum dedicated to one movie, but The Third Man museum in Vienna is not just a showcase for a movie

that highlighted the beauty of the city, but also takes visitors on a trip through a city that seen a lot of important changes in pre and post war times.

One surprising thing you’ll realise is just how detailed everything is for english visitors. Many other museums in the city will give basic descriptions of exhibits but here you get a sense that plenty of time went in to carefully constructing the exhibits for an international audience. This is all the more impressive when you find out the museum is run privately by a couple. There are war uniforms on display, old recruitment posters from all over Europe and newspaper clipping detailing Vienna’s role during the war.

third man museum

It’s not just a veiled excuse to show the city’s important 20th century history. There are a number of props and beautifully assembled exhibits detailing the production of the famous film. One wall in a room has nothing but posters for film from all around the world. A lower level room goes in to very precise detail about the locations used throughout the city and how some of the more famous shots were created.

And if you’re in the mood to see the classic flick after your visit a nearby cinema (Burg Kino) shows it a few times every week.

Not to be outdid, Hungary’sĀ Urania National Filmhouse in Budapest is a cinema that will make any film buff week at the knees.

Opening in November 1899 as a theatre the beautiful location adapted and became one of Budapest’s most loved film houses. Maintaining its original features the 700 seat auditorium is a must for anyone visiting the city.

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