HisTOYical Time In Brighton

toy museum

Sometimes it’s nice to find something for our older relatives to take a trip down memory lane with.

This toy museum in Brighton mightn’t excite you but it will certainly get older relatives talking. Some toys here are over 100 years old. Model train sets are carefully constructed around the place while old teddy bears sit inside cabinets, undisturbed by grubby little hands. With around 10 000 old toys on display, there is something here for everyone’s inner child.

toy museum

It might look a bit creepy for some (old dolls looking at you from behind glass could give some people shivers) but for others taking a look at how older generations spent their time as kids is always interesting. It’ll be an unusual way to spend an afternoon and we can’t imagine a more surprising history lesson, especially when you’re looking at toys from war time eras.

If you’re planning a trip to Brighton any time soon there are a number of great hotels, and if you have a few spare coppers you can always play with the penny arcade.