Hit The Slope In Oslo

oslo ski museum

Want a spectacular view of Oslo but don’t know where to go? How about the chance to take in a view from a tower that you can get from top to bottom (and slightly up again) in 15 seconds?

The Holmenkollen Ski Museum on the outskirts of Oslo constantly ranks in the top 10 of many travel guides and it’s easy to see why. It might look an ordinary ski ramp but right underneath it is a ski museum.

Showcasing the history of the sport, the museum chronicles over 4000 years of ski knowledge and also delves in to polar exploration a bit. There are displays of skis used from explorations that are hundreds of years old.What’s so striking about the jump is that the majority of the construct is freestanding. It hovers in the air rather imposingly.

ski jump

If you want to know what it feels like to travel down the slope but don’t know how to ski there is a simulator inside the building that replicates the feeling of skiing downhill at high speeds. If you suffer from motion sickness then this isn’t the best ride for you as you will feel every little change in motion while you’re secured in to the mounted skis.

Because it isn’t snowy in Oslo all year round, if you happen to be there during the summer you can still go down the slope. The only difference is that your feet won’t touch the ground. There’s a zip-line installed that lets you travel from top to bottom just as fast as being on skis would be.

Our only advice would be to make sure you head there on a clear day. Any overcast skies and your view won’t be as good when you get to the top.

When I visited I stayed in a beautiful hotel in Oslo that was the complete opposite to the wintry weather outside. A burning log fire, steam room and a great heated towel rail for the bathroom which I really must think about getting for my house because it is always a struggle to get out of the shower on a cold winter morning, this way the room is heated and your towels are all warm and fluffy too.

I would always recommend putting a bit of effort into finding good accommodation on a trip, even if you are likely to be spending most of your time out and about it is still worth having a good base to work from. Sometimes that’s not possible and hostels are ideal for somewhere to lay your head before you hit the road again but if you are putting down roots for a few days or more it might be worth looking.