Diving On Christmas Day


Chestnuts roasting on an open fire. Jack Frost nipping at your toes. If the idea of huddling round the mantle on Christmas Day makes you squirm a little then you’ll probably want to trick a trip to Christmas Island. The tiny South Pacific island is a tropical getaway in the truest sense.


Under 2100 people live on the island south of Indonesia and we found one activity that is the perfect alternative to wearing your Xmas jumper. Wet n Dry Adventures is a diving tour that lets you see the best marine life off the island. You’ll be able to swim beside tropical fish and go underwater to experience shallow caves and maybe even see some dolphins.

And if being submerged for the day isn’t your idea of a tropical Christmas getaway there are also jungle tours where you can hike around some of the most remote parts of the island, seeing beautiful chestnut trees known for their crawling roots and even watch how crabs migrate in the early morning.


It’s a complete 180 on a traditional festive holiday. The idea of Christmas dinner on a boat during sunset is just too tempting.