New Year’s Eve In Sydney

Midnight Fireworks

It’s billed as the most anticlimactic night of the year, but you needn’t have to concern yourself about a party with the in laws or a night out where a taxi won’t get be able to get your home until next year. Why not go all out and head to the one place where New Year’s Eve is the biggest party in the world.


The party in Sydney is always the biggest news story for the day and the now trademarked Harbour Of Light Parade sees boats of all sizes travel in to the harbour that night decorated in hundred of lights. Every year has a theme. This year is a challenging one as 60 boats will travel from the west coast to east all connected with rope lights.

The main attraction though is the gargantuan fireworks display that takes place from the harbour bridge. Over 1.5 million people line along the harbour foreshore to see the display while more than a billion watch it live on TV.


Most people don’t know that there are actually two separate fireworks displays that night: one of families just after sunset and the main attraction. The earlier display is also when everyone finds out what the special bridge effect will be. Every year since 2000 a special lighting system has been rigged to the bridge that creates a special light show running alongside the fireworks to create the overall theme.