On The Edge Of Chicago


Head to any big American city and one thing is for certain; you’ll probably see a humungous skyscraper offering you a chance go up and capture amazing views from. One tower though is trying to out do the rest in Chicago.

The Willis Tower (locals still refer to it as the Sears Tower) is 108 storeys high (527m) and is the second highest building in America. On the 103rd floor is their tourist mecca¬†The Skydeck.¬†It’s an observation deck with an amazing view of Chicago. Unlike most other tall buildings though, the Willis Tower pushes the boundaries of a great view by asking you to take one small step on a pane of glass just 1 and a half inches thick.

willis skydeck

If you weigh under 5 tonnes then you’ll be able to stand out on one of their glass balconies. As long as you don’t have a fear of heights it’ll be no problem for you to stand there in a box that is effectively hanging off the building. You’ll be able to look beyond your feet and see the ground 412m below. The building has four of these decks on one side of the building. If you’re (un)lucky enough to be there on a windy day you can stand in the glass box as you feel the building sway.

It’s a true destination spot for those who don’t have a sense of vertigo. With over a million visitors annually, it’s your chance to take in a unique attraction that leaves many people a nervous wreck on the elevator ride back down.