Picture Perfect Time In Oxford

picture palace

We usually don’t advise anyone going to spend time in a dark room where everyone has to sit quietly but the Ultimate Picture Palace in Oxford is a cinema that any celluloid lover will blissfully waste away an evening in.

Built in 1911 this cinema has been through more history than any multiplex will ever see. This independent has just one screen. It looks like it’s still revelling in the golden days of cinema and we love the rich red seating and panelling throughout.

picture palace

Don’t go expecting to see the week’s hottest release there though. The cinema specifically chooses which films they’re going to show and their diverse programme has something for everyone. They will often have classic films on late at night during university terms. We love it when a cinema has a properly fitted bar on site and the Palace bar is just gorgeous.

It’s a small, intimate cinema that has probably seen a million first dates through its doors and we wouldn’t want to see it change one bit.