Cocktail Lesson In Amsterdam

taste hall

You’ll probably never envision yourself standing in a multicoloured corridor sniffing a bunch of perfume bottles filled up with liquor. If you can’t imagine the scene then why not make it happen by heading to the House of Bols in Amsterdam.

Situated across the road from the Van Gogh museum, this museum/bar is your chance to find out all about one of the world’s most famous mixers. We’ve all had a cocktail with Bols in it at one point and this is your chance to find out how it’s made.

The self guided tour isn’t just going from exhibit to exhibit. It’s been tailored to work based on the senses. You hear all about the history of the drink with the audio timeline guiding you around the first room. A long corridor lined with perfume bottle makes up the smell section. You have to go along and guess what each flavour is. It makes for a really good guessing game that is harder than you’d imagine.

mirror bar

After you find out more about the history of genever, you can lounge in their special viewing room that looks like something out of a pop video. When you’re finished with that, pop upstairs in to the cocktail bar.┬áIncluded with the entry fee are cocktail vouchers that entitle you to a free drink and any two shots of Bols from the range. If you’re unsure about which cocktail to have, there’s a touch screen that lets you put in your flavour preferences and creates a cocktail print out that you can present to the bartenders.

It’s a great history lesson for anyone interested in having a good tipple. And with the option of buying extra tokens for more cocktails cheaper than other bars in the area, you’ll find yourself wiling away more than one hour in the House of Bols.