Euro Ski Dilemma


I know it is only winter 2015 but I am already in somewhat of a pickle in regards to getting my winter 2016 holidays organised.

It is just that I always like to plan well in advance, don’t get me wrong I do enjoy a spur of the moment trip but if I am planning a trip I am PLANNING that trip. I want to look at the best hotels, the best bars, the best restaurants, the best time to go for snow conditions etc.

There is nothing worse for me than getting back from somewhere great and having a chat to someone who says “Oh, did you go along to the ??? bar” or something like that. I hate the feeling of missing out. If I know about something and make the conscious decision to miss it then that doesn’t bother me but it is the lack of choice that bothers me.

Anyway, I seem to be getting side tracked here. This year I am looking at the usual suspects with France, Italy, Austria and Switzerland being the ones I need to pick from.

Being in Europe I really am spoiled for choice but for some reason this year Switzerland seems to be standing out for me. I have never been before but It was recently recommended to me by a friend that was over there recently on some kind of international diplomat business. Truth be told I don’t know exactly what she does but it is UN related so suffice to say she always gets the industrial espionage chat.

She had managed to get away for a bit of skiing and said it was some of the nicest conditions she had ever been in. She absolutely fell in love with Geneva too. I am also kind of hopeful that we can get the same place that she stayed at because she has been raving about it since she got back. It was some kind of serviced apartments in Geneva that were really nice so something like that would be great.

If any of you have ever been to Geneva I am hoping you can let me know about places to visit, best ski locations and other hotel options just in case. It looks like Switzerland is winning at the moment but you never know what can happen with so many good deals about.