Magical London Trips

Diagon Alley

Fancy yourself a shoe-in to getting in to the best wizard school in the world? You could be living it up in Hogwarts if you take a trip down to Elstree Studios and visit Warner Bro’s Studio Tour.

It’s your chance to visit the sets were all the Harry Potter movies were filmed. You’ll have the chance to hop on a broom and do some green screen racing.

You can see the scale model of Hogwarts used in a lot of the FX shots. We’re told its on a 1:24 scale but still looks massive when you get up close and see the detail that went in to creating the piece.We really liked the backlot area as it was props galore. You can sit in Hagrid’s bike, pretend you’re on Privet Drive and even try some butter beer.

If you want to try and freak the little ones out, head to the creature effects area. There are shelves full of masks used in the movie. There are even some lifesize models of characters which were made in case an actor passed away during filming (this would help avoid the problems that came about after Richard Harris passed away)

The best part of the tour comes towards the end when you can walk about Diagon Alley. This was were everyone was taking photos and posing outside their favourite stores from the books.

If you’re considering taking a trip down to the studios, the best place to stay is at the Village Hotel nearby. Of course London is much more than just a film set with a wide range of activities for the whole family.

It is also worth visiting their site to see any updates or new exhibitions with the Hogwarts express now on show.

London offers one of the best shopping experiences in the world with high end boutiques to exciting markets where you can shop until you drop.

The wide range of restaurants, delis, bars and other eateries will mean you can really expand your palet. Food from all around the world can be found here so doing a bit of research is always recommended before a visit.

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Visiting London is like visiting no other city so whether you have something specific or just want to experience London life, don’t hesitate.