Wine Heaven In Moldova

wine fountain

Ask someone where the largest collection of wine in the world is and you can keep them guessing all day. They might go for the obvious and say its in France/ Australia/ America. Rarely will someone be able to guess correctly and tell you all that wine is sitting in a cellar 75 miles long in Moldova.

This cellar lists as one of the top attractions in the country and it is a spectacular thing to take in. You’re basically doing two tours: one looking at the fields where the grapes grow and then another tour underground where you see the millions of litres of wine stored in limestone tunnels.

With over 2 million bottles in the place don’t get too fixated staring at the fountain as you walk in. It looks like something out of a wine lovers dream: water flows from massive bottles in to glasses (and yes it does change from white to red at intervals)

wine crypt

If you do plan on going and want a guided tour then it’s reliant upon whether you have a car. Yes the guide will take you around as long as he can sit in the passenger seat and direct you around the massive winery. Not that he’ll be telling you to make many right turns as you drive by barrel after barrel of wine in the tunnels (I mentioned that 75km of it is wine, but there are 200km of tunnels altogether). That’s right you will be driving in a tunnel underground as part of a tour. You’ll probably feel like you’re in The Italian Job.

Other parts of the mine feel like you’re in a crypt as you walk by bottles that haven’t been touched in a long time. Some even still have waxed corks over them. It’s a truly original experience that you won’t forget.