World Cup Fever


The European Championships are just a few short months away and with all the home nations (apart from my home nation) competing it should be a great spectacle for the UK to enjoy.

It goes without saying that security will be at a level we haven’t seen before following attacks around the world and I think it is safe to say we are all hoping for e peaceful tournament.

Another tournament shrouded in controversy is the 2022 World Cup set for Qatar. Talks of bribery are not too outlandish when you look at how trustworthy the majority of FIFA’s management have been over the years. There has also been a lot of talk about the conditions of workers in Qatar who are building the stadiums but without too much knowledge on the subject I would not like to make any claims.

One of the biggest issues for many was the decision to host the tournament in such a hot country in the first place, we are now being told that it will be held over winter so who knows how league football is going to cope with its best players being pulled away for international duty. The African Nations cup upsets enough managers without players from all the worlds top countries being dragged away.

Controversy aside there is no doubting how huge the tournament will be. The images we have already seen of the stadium plans look impressive and we are all hoping they can continue to stay in use and create a legacy rather than the massive empty stadiums we have seen following the WC in Brazil and South Africa.

As far as accommodation goes, Qatar is ready and people are going to have to be quick off the mark to ensure they are booked up in time for the likes of these beautiful serviced apartments in Doha.

Just take a look at these stadiums below and tell me you don’t want to be a part of it. Hopefully by then we will find out a bit more about the controversy and hopefully nothing bad will come out.

Al-Khor-Stadium al-rayyan_1717338i qatarepa_3210377b Qatar-University-Stadium qatar-world-cup_1991657c qatar-world-cup-sea