Edinburgh’s Engaging Features


Edinburgh is a city of two halves where history meets modern setting. The old city’s architecture extends from the narrow streets of the Old Town to the Georgian style New Town.

The capital city of Scotland has long battled with Glasgow with the discussion being who is the superior? In my view you can’t compare the two as their drastically different. Edinburgh’s features are ever lasting with the likes of Edinburgh Castle, Arthur’s Seat and of course the grand old Edinburgh University. You can sometimes forget where you are as it feels you’ve transported back in time to the 1800’s because nothing much changed since then, well on the surface anyway.

When I was staying in the city at Fraser Suites I realised that although the city was kind of medieval and mysterious it such a lively nightlife scene as well as being the place to host the largest arts festival in the world.

Edinburgh is an award winning and lively city full of surprises on every corner. Although small, you can get lost quite easily and you’ll find pop up bars, small restaurants and boutique stores popped up all over the place so you’ll never get bored.

When you visit Edinburgh, you’re visiting a part of Scotland which hasn’t really changed much. Yes there are a lot of foreigners, students and workers but that adds to the attraction of Edinburgh. The city is Scottish through and through with the touches of an international city.