Hill Walking In China


It is getting to that time of year, where the memories of Christmas have long been forgotten along with failed New Year resolutions and we now turn our attention to what the summer has in store for us. Many wishing to holiday abroad this year will already be looking for ideas and although most will settle for a week or two lounging on a beach on the Mediterranean the more adventurous will be looking out to continents further afield.

If you are more the adventurous sort, enjoy the outdoors, and are looking for a bit of a challenge then how about trying a hill walk up Mount Hua Shan in China. There are stairs carved into the side of the mountain, a cable car and a walk way made of wooden planks that will take you straight to the top. There is even a small tea house at the summit where you can get a nice cup of tea and have a game of draughts, easy.

This might not sound like a challenge but unless you have a head for extreme heights I’m sure you’ll beg to differ. These photos alone were enough to make our toes curl with fear so have a look and then decide if you have got the minerals to tackle it for real.

Start with the ‘heavenly stairs’.




Then a short cable-car ride.




Followed by the ‘plank walk’.





Then you can pop into the tea house and have a game of chess.



It might seem a long way to go for a cup of tea, bit it’s not likely to be one that you will forget in a hurry.