Eat Like A Roman

cooking class in rome

Rome is a city famous for many things: stunning architecture, delicious gelato, amazing relics and an unbelievable history. It might sound rare then to say that you should maybe add ‘fun cooking lessons’ to the list.

We found a place in the city offering an alternative tourist experience to simply deciding what topping you’re going to have on you pizza.

One company in Rome is offering you the chance to cook a meal that would rival any of the city’s top restaurants. The conveniently titled is your chance to learn how Italians make such delicious meals.

cooking in rome

Over 5 hours you’ll be guided step by step in how to create a 4 course meal from scratch. It might sound daunting at first when you’re using fresh, organic ingredients but trust us that the lessons are made to be fool proof.You’ll be taught how to make the best pasta, learn the tricks in creating delicious antipasta and even make a richly sweet Italian desert.

It’s only €65 per person (less than you’d be paying at most popular restaurants in the city). We like to think of it as in investment that you’ll take home and show off to all your friends until they get sick of having pasta all the time.