Abandoned Scotland


Dog walking can be boring and every so often we try and find somewhere a bit different to take them. A few weeks ago we found somewhere well worth checking out if you like creepy abandoned buildings, Bangor Village Hospital.

Located just outside Livingston the abandoned hospital is now used mainly by dog walkers and urban explorers. In recent years the buildings have been fenced off and security roams about day and night to ensure the listed buildings are kept safe but if you are into this sort of thing you should check it out.

Lying unused since around 2001, it was actually used in the psychological drama The Jacket which starred Keira Knightley and Adrian Brody.

We were lucky enough to be blessed by some rare, good Scottish weather, and made the most of it by spending a good few hours wandering around the grounds.

We couldn’t believe the size of it as we were just expecting an old hospital but it is an actual village complete with church, school, sport field and pavilion as well as everything else you can imagine.

The first building that greets you when you enter is the shop and you can go online to track down old pictures of when the place was thriving with soldiers after being commandeered during WW1.

Here are some of the pictures that I took as I wondered round and here is a link to the dog walking site that I found it through, you will also find directions here – http://www.walkiees.co.uk/walks/view/bangour-village-hospital also check out http://www.proj3ctm4yh3m.com/urbex/2015/10/10/urbex-bangour-village-hospital-aka-edinburgh-district-asylum-scotland-february-2015/ for some great pictures inside the buildings.

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