Life & Death in Hollywood

hollywood forever

Los Angeles is a vast city. On your first visit there you’ll be overwhelmed by the expanse and just how much the city (or group of cities) has to offer. Around almost every corner is something new to discover. Right in the middle of the city just behind Paramount Studios lies a place that stands out in a city that thrives upon being young and vibrant: a graveyard of the rich and famous.

Hollywood Forever is where the biggest stars of the 20th century have been laid to rest. Cecil B.De Mille, Joey Ramone and Don LaFontaine are just some of the famous name you’ll find here. Most of the buried are from Hollywood’s golden age. You can go and visit these famous graves right in the heart of Hollywood and get some different shots of the sign.

hollywood forever

For the last ten years the cemetery has had a secondary function acting as an outdoor cinema during the summer months. In the evenings hundreds of people will bring picnics and watch classic movies that are projected on to the cemetery’s large white wall (the adjacent wall to the studio). It’s also a hotspot if you’re looking to try some of the famous food trucks that travel around LA every night.

We recommend bringing a hoody if you plan on going to one of the screenings. Sure it’s L.A. in the middle of summer, but don’t think you won’t feel a chill in air when the sun goes down. And if you’re unsure what food to bring, just one block over and two blocks down is Noah’s Bagels which we think are the best in L.A.