A Dogs Life in Paris


It’s the city of love and style. With designer boutiques, exquisite food and more tourist attractions than you can shake a travel guide at. Here’s one you’ll never read about though: Le Cimetiére des Chiens.

If you know your French well enough then yes you’re right in thinking its called the Dog Cemetery. Opened in 1899 this graveyard has not just dogs but pets of all disciplines. You can see the graves and tombstones of hundreds of dogs, usually with a statue of said dog over it looking at you rather ominously. If you ever wanted to see what size a monkey or horse grave was this is the spot for you.

weird dog

Don’t get freaked out when you see cats sitting around the benches. They’ll be alive and well and not trying to scare you out of your wits at all. It’s the kind of place we’ve never experienced before: at once both morbidly fascinating and cute for all the wrong reasons.

Of course there are more reasons to visit Paris than the dog cemeteries. It is one of Europe’s most beautiful and romantic cities. Fully researching all the opportunities available to you on a trip to Paris is highly recommended. Sights and attractions like the dog cemetery are things that can be easily missed if you just hope to find things by chance.

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