England’s Luxury Retreats & Beauty Options


England is renowned the world over for its stunning architecture through the years and its great country halls and houses are testament to that. I was lucky enough to visit a splendid hotel recently that is a fine example of just that.

No matter which county you visit you will come across a great many beautiful properties that you are able to visit and in some cases they have been converted into luxury accommodation for people to enjoy when they visit. Having the privilege of staying in one of these great, historic halls is something that can make an enjoyable break unforgettable.

Mottram Hall is one such site where people can live the life of luxury in a setting that would not look out of place in a period drama. In this breathtakingly beautiful location you can enjoy the very best Spa experience with everything from relaxing treatments to a state of the art gym.

Fine dining at the Carrington Grill and Claret Jug onsite restaurants as well as drinks in the cocktail bar will be enough to ensure you won’t have to leave the incredible grounds.

A magnificent venue for weddings, Mottram Hall has been growing in popularity and reputation the world over. Especially with golf fans who can’t get enough of championship golf course.


mottram 0676 Carrington Grill

Just a few hours south of the beautiful Mottram hall I was able to take advantage of another beautiful English retreat in Melksham, Wiltshire. A quiet little town this is the kind of place you might expect to feature in a whimsical English comedy, and there are plenty of excellent places to stay here too.

I ended up staying in a beautiful little B&B in Melksham itself and on a sunny day there really is nowhere else quite like it. Beyond its beauty Melksham is famous for another thing that at first might seem out of place in this idyllic setting, cosmetic surgery.

That’s right, this wonderful little town has one of most popular cosmetic surgery clinics in England pulling in customers from surrounding areas including Bath and Bristol. With state of the art technology in a beautiful location that might seem more at home for a spa weekend Snowberry Lane Clinic is really building a name for itself.

Offering their clients a number of treatments that can help with medical issues or even insecurities their specialists are experts in helping all manner of individual cases. From non invasive facelifting procedures like Facetite and Necktite to state of the art liposuction alternative such as Bodyjet Snowberry Lane are at the forefront of their field.

To read a little bit more about Snowberry Lane clinic and the procedures I have mentioned just follow the links below and don’t forget to check out the great pictures too.