Jump For Joy In Africa

victoria falls jump

If you want to feel a rush of blood to the head as you fall, then feel your entire body whip up and down repeatedly before swinging aimlessly over a river in Africa, then we have the adrenaline fix you’ve been looking for.

Right in the middle of the Victoria Falls Border Bridge (it’s on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe) is a tourist attraction that only the brave will be able to face; a 111m bungee jump that promises you the best upside down view ever. It’s the fourth highest bungee in the world and is known as being one of the most ‘dangerous’.

africa jump

Before you jump you have to sign an indemnity form relieving the company of any liability in case of an accident. You then have your height and weight written on your hand. This lets the person strapping you in know not to lower the tensile strength on the rope too much or for the matter give you too much slack. You wouldn’t want to jump off and hit the ground before going back up.

Because it’s smack bang in the middle of the two borders, the attraction is effectively in a No Man’s Land. Because of this, anyone working at the attraction or intending to do it has to inform the guards at the border that they’ll not be crossing over to the next country and coming back to avoid getting an exit stamp when they don’t intend to leave the country.