Ready Salted


There are some therapies we’ve heard of that can be a bit out there, but one in Sydney could be the weirdest we’ve ever heard about. It doesn’t involve taking a tip in some oil or walking about in a robe all day.

All you do is put a cover over your shoes and walk down a dark tunnel until you’re in a special cave.

When you get there you can relax on a lounger whilst tiny particles of salt are blown in the air. The Salt Rooms in Sydney are supposedly a specialised modern spa that aims to provide a microclimate reminiscent of a salt cave. All the room in the building aren’t constructed from bricks but special salt blocks mined from underground.

kids salt

The idea is that you walk about or lounge and inhale special salt (not the stuff you sprinkle on your fries). It supposedly has a healing affect on the body. The spa is divided in two areas: a kid’s area where you can leave the kids to play in salt to their hearts content and the adult room. This room is slightly offbeat in that it looks like a mix between a nail parlour and an ice bar. The floor in this room is covered completely in salt to enhance the special atmosphere. It’s a good thing for the shoe covers or else it’d be like having sandy shoes after a walk on the beach.